It’s back to the future! The latest smart home technology is reaching lift off.

Imagine a world in which your home’s windows will be controlled via smartphone or even a simple hand gesture. Heat-sensor window treatments will automatically close or open depending on a homeowner’s ideal temperature preferences. Not only will you gaze through your window to the outside world, but you’ll also be able to virtually interact with your home environment.

We have our smart phones. Now soon, expect smart homes. According to an article on, the term “smart home” conjures images of modern architectural marvels of the future, replete with robot butlers and a customizable home environment that automatically adapts to changing conditions such as air quality, temperature, and inhabitant preferences. Already smart home technology has been unveiled at major industry trade gatherings like SXSW and the Consumer Electronics Show, rolling out features from smart home monitoring to smart leak-detection technologies for home water leaks.

So it’s not much of a stretch to think that the same customizable and remotely controlled elements might soon be available for the glass panes in our home windows. In fact, some of these technologies already exist. External gadgets, apps, and home monitoring devices can be integrated with windows to ensure home safety and can alert homeowners when windows are ajar.

Similarly, motorized window covering controls and electric openers exist today, allowing users to remotely control window treatments from across the room, country, or even across the globe.

The future holds wonder as well. Will the windows of tomorrow be able to text home dwellers if there’s an intrusion, or operate with the swipe of a finger instead of relying on external sensors or gadgets? Time will soon tell, but with major tech companies and startups alike focusing increasingly on smart home technologies, it’s likely the smart home will soon be commonplace. Next time, we’ll take a look at where we are headed with smart glass.

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