There are many reasons why people choose to live in smaller spaces. Perhaps it’s time to “pare down” your life, now that the kids have flown the nest; or perhaps you found a condo with the optimal view but of a smaller overall size. Whatever the reason, you’re now faced with having to cover a window area perhaps somewhat disproportionate to your surrounding living space.

According to writer Sara Augenblick in an online article for the Toronto Sun, the challenge is not just deciding what you like but determining a complimentary solution for your smaller space.

Window shades would be a helpful answer, but several important things should be considered when pondering window shades for smaller spaces.

  • Avoid any blind with a stack—such as wood slats, blinds, or roman blinds—and select a blind style that appears hidden completely when not in use.
  • Neutral pull down shades that roll up and condense into 2.5 inches are a simple solution to combat glare, UV protection, and privacy, and appear virtually hidden when not in use.
  • For a more decorative statement, use drapery treatments offering warmth and softness to your room, while keeping a modern scheme. To maintain a streamlined look (important in smaller spaces), avoid round drapery poles with big finials. Using small face tracks that hang from the ceiling is a modern approach to a window dilemma, with perhaps a Ripple fold for the header.
  • Avoid window valances in smaller spaces. Valances excessively cut up window space, causing it to appear smaller than it really is.
  • Drapes add color and texture while emphasizing the height of any window. They balance the room by adding an element of design by framing the windows just like artwork.

Finally, avoid purchasing ready-made drapery. The window treatment specialists at Innerworks offer a variety of custom treatments that will deliver on maximizing your window space and the aesthetics of your smaller living space.

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