Spring cleaning: Treat your blinds to an ultrasonic cleaning

Spring cleaning is one of those phrases that holds both hope and dread to the household member: Hope “springs” eternal, but we’ve become all too familiar that spring cleaning itself, while a sign that perhaps a more climate-friendly season is upon us, is loaded with tedium, starting off with that most boring of household duties — dusting.

The only thing that makes dusting seem remotely worth it is if it’s done right. When tackling window blinds, for instance, using a noodle-like duster, which cleans the underside of a slat at the same time that it dusts the top half of the slat below it, can ease the drudgery. Still, it’s not perfect, because often the only thing that standard dusting accomplishes is to temporarily displace dust that resettles elsewhere.

That’s why Innerworks offers a premium service called ultrasonic blind cleaning, which removes the dust completely and does so via a fascinating combination of cleansers and sound waves — hi-tech blind cleaning, if you will. No amount of hand wiping of those dusty, grimy old blinds can match the thorough methods of ultrasonic cleaning. It’s even safe and effective for cellular shades, wood blinds, and sheer shades. If you live in the greater Kansas City area, Innerworks will pick up your blinds in the morning and often have them returned to you looking like new that evening.

During the course of conducting the spring cleaning check of your home, you may notice that some blinds are bent, broken, or otherwise in need of repair. Innerworks repairs just about any type of window blind from any manufacturer. We’re proud to call ourselves your complete source for blind repair, as well as new window treatment sales and installation.

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