For the discerning window decorator, a naked pane of glass is a blank canvas aching to be addressed by an artistic eye. Traditionally, window dressers have long decorated their windows for privacy, light control and pure decoration. But today the options for screening and creative expression are plentiful— even for those hardest-to-dress areas like arches, bays, and recessed windows. Thanks to the experts at, here are three practical drapery solutions in Part One of our three-part presentation on decorating for difficult window configurations.

Window Walls. 

  • An enviable outdoor view may be the lure, but how to mount a window treatment without detracting from the view?
  • Solution: Without space to mount window treatments crucial to blocking morning light, opt for a barely perceptible ceiling track that allows for maximum functionality but still blends into the look of the room. Consider a motorized system that allows the curtains to be drawn with the touch of a button.

Bay Windows.

  •  With three sides, bay windows can’t be covered by a single curtain rod, and three separate rods looks ungainly.
  • Solution: Dressing a bay is all about the hardware. A curved or angled rod is the key to a workable design. Rods like these can be mounted on the wall above the window, room permitting, or on the ceiling with brackets that suspend the rod.

Tall Windows.

  •  How tall is too tall when it comes to window treatments?
  • Solution: Many tall windows have a bulkhead wall separating the upper bank of windows (usually smaller) from the lower longer ones. That provides a chance to give the room a completely different feel, by mounting drapes at the top of the lower level, which gives the appearance of a cozier, more intimate room.

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