Last time, we blogged about hard-to-dress areas like window walls, bays, and tall windows. Thanks to the experts at, here are three more practical drapery solutions, part two of our three-part presentation on decorating difficult windows.

Slanted Windows. How do you mount a window treatment on an angle?

Solution: Slanted windows flanking a grand fireplace evoke the coziness of a ski chalet. But how to block the sun’s glare off the snow? Drapes hung by medallions offer a great option. Medallions are purely stationary treatments, but sometimes that does the trick. Custom window shades could be fitted to any window, arched or slanted, but traditional rod-hung drapes are not feasible, since gravity would make them sag into an unsightly pile, and the height of the window would impede opening and closing.

Shuttered Windows. Shutters are functional and classy but don’t leave much room for drapery rods. Plus, they open out and are likely to damage any decorative drapes lying over them.

Solution: Swing-arm rods are a brilliant answer to the dilemma of layering drapes over shutters that you intend to open and close. Swing a pair of self-lined drapes out to the wall, and voilà! Plenty of space to then crack open those shutters and let the light pour in.

Recessed Windows. If you have a special window nook in your home, your snug light-filled oasis already has appeal and might require little more than a downy cushion. But if you want to add a window treatment, where do you mount it?

Solution: Mount the draperies just inside the nook to lure passersby into your private little sanctuary. This creates a luxurious mini-area and frames the space as a reading, napping, or tea-sipping haven (not to mention it reveals the identity of the real wizard behind the curtain!)

Whether your preference is for blinds, shutters, drapes or sheers, Innerworks has just the right treatment for your window setting, and we clean and make repairs on just about any type of window blind from any manufacturer. We’re proud to call ourselves your complete source for window treatment sales, installation, cleaning, and repairs.

Innerworks…let us treat the windows of your world!

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